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Hacking into Oculus VR Developer Portal exploiting PHP Type Juggling

Oculus VR - one of the Facebook acquisitions, was vulnerable to many severe issues including RCE, multiple SQL-injections, and a couple of CSRFs.

Many researchers including Jon of Bitquark, Inti De Ceukelaire and Josip Franjković squeezed it to a more secure level. I knew that all the low hanging fruits must had been gone. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. It is my second finding on Oculus; first was something which allowed me to add anyone’s email to an account and verify it without their interaction by crafting a verification link; which led to full account takeover. This one is also somewhat similar, which enabled me to reset random-user’s password resulting in successful authentication into their account. Each time I reproduced the request, got access to different accounts, which in turn changed their passwords as well.

Since this application was running on PHP, the first idea that caught my mind while testing the password reset functionality was to test for type juggling issues. And indeed developers made that usual mistake here.

Watch the video!

I sent the query parameters as arrays to confuse the application which resulted in skipping some condition checks in the logic responsible for the password reset.

Boom!! Keep fuzzing until you find the hole!!

A nice bounty followed up after it was reported to the Facebook security team.

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